Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Christopher Rowland: Analysis/Critique of James Victore's work and how it relates to me.

James Victore

James Victore I can relate.

One thing that I find to be a great aspect is that he is for design as social commentary and to display a message more than just advertising a brand name or something petty like that.

He has states that he wishes not to be labeled as a designer. He teaches graphic design which I also find I can relate to, as one day I wish to be able to teach my skills and ideals to a younger generation of artists.

He believes that political social commentary and the cultural works is what graphic design is about and is when it is at its best.

I agree.

James Victore also deals in commentary on racism and prejudice. The cultural works are some of his most famous.

Social Commentary...

NOT used to sell socks.

I enjoy James Victore's style.

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