Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Oriel - James Victore

It is the idea of "selling socks" that interests me the least about graphic design.  It is, therefore, refreshing to hear James' words that this is not so.  That infact, graphic design is a socio-political tool.
I like the description given of him by Sean Adams:
He is an unrepentant communicator and activist. His work is strong, humorous, and unforgiving. This courage is rare in a time when alternative points of view are positioned as “unpatriotic.”
James says, "Humans are curious and interesting and diverse, yet we tend to call them a “market.” I think that’s not only atrocious, it’s just rude. I want to be a storyteller, I try to envision more of a one-on-one scenario with a viewer and my work. ... How can I make my work a gift to them? "

On his typical day, James says, "My favorite part of the day is 5 a.m. I wake early to read and study. This is my time to “sharpen the saw.” I don’t know enough about philosophy or economics or even myself, so I read and study these things. I try to turn my weaknesses into strengths."  
I like this statement; it shows that despite being a high profile designer, he recognizes there is always more to learn. 

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