Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Jade Thomas - Paula Scher

Paula Scher

Paula Scher was born in 1948 in Washington D.C. She is a well known graphic designer and artist.
in the 1970's she designed album covers for CBS records and other labels before moving into a more artistic direction for magazines. She then went on to form her own design firm, "Koppel & Scher".

Paula scher has been very successful in her career, she has received numerous rewards including; The Chrysler Design Award, A gold medal from the American institute of graphic arts (AIGA) which is the highest possible recognition of her distinguished achievements and contributions to the field, some of her art works are being kept in museum of modern art in the permanent collection and also has received four Grammy Award nominations for her album covers.

I chose to focus on paula scher because she doesn't like to continue and continue to refine idea's, she prefers to simply do big bold strokes that often occur quickly. Which is how i like to work, I find refining to be teadiouse and very time consuming. For me it's the hardest part of designing.

Paula Scher is well known for her large scale opinionated maps. Her paintings are often intricate and expressive.

The above is one of her large detailed maps.

This album cover designed by Paula Scher was realesed in 1981 for an electronic band.

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