Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Eddys time line
the first phone was invented by alexander graham
 bell in 1874 he was born on the 3rd of march 1847 and died august 2 1922

in 1877 the bell telephone company was developed :

by 1886 over 150,000 people in the US owned telephones

1927 january 7 first public trans-atlantic
hone call (via radio)

1941 multi frequency was introduced for operators in Baltmore, Maryland

1970 modular telephone cords and jacks introduced 
1982 caller ID was invented

1947 the concept of cell phones began basically 2 way radios for police etc

currently phones have the ability to transmit texts , take videos and pics , audio , internet , most people are using the phones for more then just calls they are checking emails and browsing the web

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