Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Post2: Candy - Celt tattoo

The History of Celtic Tattoo Art

Celtic tattoo illustrations were inspired by biblical manuscripts, such as the book of kells back in the 4Th an 5Th centuries.

Christian priests where trying to find a visual style that included both the pagan history of the Celt people and the Celtic people of Ireland and their traditional symbols of Christianity, for the purpose of religious conversion.

This can be seen in the Celtic cross design, of the sun with the image of the christian cross.

Information suggests that if the Celts had tattoos they would be more primitive in nature and didn't reach the artistic heights as they did with their paintings and ceramics.


The celtic people have a rich cultural heritage thats worth exploring. they are know to have great artistic abilities and this is shown in their stonework, metal work, jewelry and weapons.

Their designs usually combine of intricate lines, spirals and loops.
The tattoo's always have a meaning behind every celtic design.
Interlacing lines represents the physical and spiritual worlds. While the loops symbolize the never ending cycle of life, death and rebirth.


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  1. The meaning behind the lines and loops was new for me.
    Visually their all so beautiful!
    And i love the purple writing - brings something new to the blog :)