Tuesday, March 24, 2009

post 3 candice adams - ~SCARIFICATION~owweeowwee


Think your scared of sharp instruments? - think again!!

Scarification, the process of deliberately cutting the skin in order to produce scars, is performed both for aesthetic and social reasons.

In Ethiopia's Karo tribe, men scar their chests to represent
killing enemies from other tribes. Women with scarred torsos
and chests are considered particularly sensual and attractive.

This kaleri women of nigeria has received various sets of scarification marks on her belly. A process that begins when a girl reaches menarche. 

A young kaleri woman with her first set first scarifications. As she is not a mother yet, her markings are different from the women above.

The Ga’anda of northern Nigeria also use scarification, known as hleeta, to make girls marriageable. The process begins at 5 or 6 , with the final phase ending at 15 or 16 just before marriage, at which time the girl will also have her ears pierced for earrings and her lip pierced to insert a labret.

Elderly women perform the procedure, which os done, like many other tribes, with a fishhook to raise the skin and a razor to slice the skin, leaving a raised welt. Girls are scarred on their forehead, shoulders, arms, belly legs, back of neck, back and buttocks, with an elaborate pattern of dots which form lines ,curves, and diamonds.

So scarification is beautification overseas, and is widespread to westerners in these times.
Its just a shame that some people don't know how to do it right.

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