Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Post 1 - History of the Refrigerator

The Chinese preserved food in ice

Early 19th Century
Iceboxes were used in England

Dr William Cullen studied evaporation of liquids in a vacuum

Early 1800's
Michael Farady liquidified ammonia to cause cooling, todays compression refrigeration system operate on Farady's experiments

American inventor, Jacob Perkins obtained the first patent, a vapor compressions cycle

Improved refrigerator designs patented in US by Thomas Elkins, & John Standard

GE unveiled the first home refrigerator units invented by a French Monk

Home refrigerators introduced to the US. Compressors were driven by belts attached to motors located in the basement or in adjoining room

Kelvinator introduced first fridge with a type of auto control

Wooden cabinet with a water-cooled compressor

Frigidaire introduced the first self-contained unit & chlorofluorocarbons were developed

1920's & 30's
Consumers were introduced to freezers when the first electric refrigerator came with ice cube compartments

After WWII
Mass production of modern refrigerators

Freon 12 was used to replace sulphur dioxide

50's & 60's 
Innovations like automatic defrost & automatic ice makers first appeared

70's & 80's
Energy efficient refrigerators & elimination of chlorofluorocarbons in refrigerator sealed systems

GE first freestanding side by side refrigerator, world's largest & most space efficient

Automatic defrosting, chilled water & ice available from an indoor station so the door need not be opened, cabinet rollers hat allow the refrigerator to be easily rolled around for easy cleaning, adjustable shelves & trays, cooling zones, easy clean stainless steel

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