Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Bronson: "Pull up a chair"

dear all my seated and unseated readers,

La Bocca (The Mouth)

designed by the friendly people down at STUDIO 65

First issued in 1971. The Bocca sofa has become popular all over the world... It's said that the idea came from Salvador Dali. It's also said that Marilyn Monroe was the inspiration for this sofa - La Bocca means The Mouth in Italian. In any case, shaped as woman's lips Bocca Marilyn sofa was designed by Studio 65 to become an icon of Modern Design.

The famous lipstick-red sofa adds a smile to any environment. This new version, a loveseat for two, is made of soft resin for comfort and use indoors and out. Color: red, of course.

Model Description
Molded sofa appropriate for indoor/outdoor institutional and residential use.

The Ball Chair

by some nice gentleman called Eero Aario 

The Ball Chair - or Globe Chair as it's called sometimes - was designed by using one of the most simple geometric forms - the ball. Cutting of a part and fixing it at one point Eero Aarnio comes to a remarkable result - a completely unconventional shaped chair:

  • fiberglass shell and base 
  • upholstered in fabric 
  • matching stool available 
  • many colours available 

A Ball Chair is a "room within a room" with a cozy and calm athmosphere, protecting outside noises and giving a private space for relaxing or having a phonecall. Turning around its own axis on the base the view to the outer space is variable for the user and thus he is not completely excluded from world outside.

"The idea of the chair was very obvious. We had moved to our first home and I had started my free-lance career in 1962.

We had a home but no proper big chair, so I decided to make one, but some way a really new one.

After some drawing I noticed that the shape of the chair had become so simple that it was merely a ball. I pinned the full scale drawing on the wall and ‚sat' in the chair to see how my head would move when sitting inside it. Being the taller one of us I ‚sat' in the chair and my wife drew the course of my head on the wall. This is how I determined the height of the chair. Since I aimed at a ball shape, the other lines were easy to draw, just remembering that the chair would have to fit through a doorway.

After this I made the first prototype myself using an inside mould, which has been made using the same principle as a glider fuselage or wing. I covered the plywood body mould with wet paper and laminated the surface with fiberglass, rubbed down the outside, removed the mould from inside, had it upholstered and added the leg. In the end I installed the red telephone on the inside wall of the chair. The naming part of the chair was easy, the BALL CHAIR was born."-Aarnio



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