Tuesday, June 2, 2009

rachael elmslie-Leon Samoilovitch Baks


Above is a self portrait of Leon Bakst

 work costume design was influenced and driven by his painting are to have "revolutionised the roles of sets and designs". Growing up as a middle class jewish child in Russia he graduated from gymasium and went on to study at St. Petersburg Academy of Arts whilst working part time as an book illustrator. In his first exhibition he derived the name Bakst from his Grandmothers last name Baxter 1889. In the early 90s he based his exhibitions on works with Society of watercolours.

 Between 1893 - 1897 he lived in Paris and continued further studies at  Académie Julian soon enough becoming a member of the artists and writers circle which later was recognised as the Mir Iskusstva art movement which he co-founded in 1898 which was also known as the world art group. Paris is where he became internationally famous for his design Schéhérazade opened in June 1910. Bakst designs where often expressed as been "explosive" through the use of his pure and bright colours thoughout  his costuming and set designs he created a moving reaction amoung audiences. He continued to flow into stage design in 1902 doing costumes and sets throughout theatre, he became more specialised in oriental costume designs.   

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