Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Costume Designer-Edith Head

Edith Head (1897-1981)
In 1924, (whilst lack of art design or costume design experience), She was hired as a costume sketch artist at Paramount Pictures in the costume department. She than later admitted that she had borrowed another student's sketches for her job interview. Edith was famously known for her Straight-cut bangs, dark glasses and tailored suits as her trademark which made her more famous than the major stars who shone in the industry.
In her six decades of costume design, she worked on 1131 motion pictures, recieved 35 Academy Award nominations and won 8 Oscars. In addition to her film/costume work, she designed Vogue sewing patterns, staged Hollywood fashion shows, wrote many magazine and newspaper columns, wrote 2 books (The Dress Doctor and How to Dress For Success).
She started off Designing costumes for Silent Films, such as 'The Wanderer' (1925). She worked at Paramount for 44 years until she went to Universal pictures in 1967.
During her Paramount Years she was nominated for 35 academy awards every year and won eight times. Her costumes were being worn by the most glamorous and famous actresses in films. In the 1950's she began appearing on Art Linkletter's tv show, and writin
g books on fashion.
The "sarong" dress that was designed for Dorothy Lamour in 'the Hurricane' made her well known.
During her universal Years, she designed a woman's uniform for the Untied States Coast Guard,designed costumes for a mini TV series based on the novel Little Women.
Some of the many films she worked in was, Peter Pan,The Golden Bed,Wings,The Pursuit of Happiness,The Cursade and many many more.
Here is a link to all the Films she worked in-


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