Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Oriel - Costume Designer Bob Mackie


Known for his love of rhinestones and sequins, Mackie is perhaps best known for dressing Cher.  In the mid-60s he was designing costumes for many of the top television variety specials, with stars such as, Fred Astaire, Mitzi Gaynor, Dinah Shore and Diana Ross & The Supremes.

From 1967 he had an 11-year stint with the Carol Burnett Show,  from which came the request by Cher to create her costumes for the upcoming Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour.  With her amazing presence and Mackie’s outrageously glamorous clothes, Cher and her costumes soon became one of the biggest draws on weekly television.

 Mackie’s career also spans Film and Stage with Oscar Nominations for Lady Sings the Blues” (Diana Ross), “Funny Lady” (Barbara Streisand) and “Pennies from Heaven” (Steve Martin and Bernadette Peters).



Bob Mackie has now created designs for numerous collectable Barbie dolls.


 On Cher’s official website, part of the promotion of her 2009 Concerts announces “more than a dozen new Bob Mackie costumes”. http://www.cher.com/


“A few of the greatest Cher-Mackie wardrobe hits are on display in glass cases outside the Caesar’s Palace theatre in Las Vegas, and it’s amazing to see them up close. There’s the Louis XIV corset from the 1999 “Believe” tour and the red Pocahontas outfit from the mid-1970s. The handiwork on these pieces rivals haute couture.”


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