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Hayley: Photographer and Illustrator

Helmut Newton

Born in Berlin, Helmut Newton owned his first camera at the age of 12. After leaving Berlin and working/travelling around the world he settled in Au
stralia, becoming an Australian citizen in 1945. His growing reputation as a fashion photographer was rewarded when he secured a commission to illustrate fashions in Australian Vogue magazine in 1956. This won him a 12 month contract with Vogue in London. Newton left this before the contract was completed to work for magazines in France and Germany. He returned to Melbourne in 1959 for a contract with Australian vogue.

Settling in Paris in 1961, Newton worked as a photographer for Vogue and Harpers Bazaar. He established a particular style marked by erotic, stylized scenes, often with sado-masochistic and fetishistic subtexts.

Newton's work is rooted in fashion photography; creating an image of society and the role that women play in it, aiming to sell what it depicts, using the powers of seduction to do so. Newton was at home with this tradition. He created a vision in each of his photographs based on constantly recurring themes; women who take the lead, women who love and desire whomever they want, whenever they like, women full of health a vigour. The women of Newton's world are women who get what they want, and they are far removed from the weak, compliant sex-objects dominated by the misogynist macho. This is the reason his art has been found to be so shocking. A fashion photograph can be a nude, and visa versa, and a nude can also be a portrait. Newton enjoys this interplay of genres, dressing and undressing subjects in each scene, confusing the boundaries and rules of fashion photography, making his images memorable and influential to the work of many a photographer to this day.

With a career spanning 5 decades, Newton has become regarded as one of the world's leading photographers. He continues to to have a major influence on modern photography and visual art.
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Tobie Giddio

Tobie Giddio stared out in fashion illustration, studying at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. Being taught the principles of fine art at the same time, Gi
ddio learnt about figure drawing, how to abstract the figure and about colour and modern art. She was able to apply all these principles to her work.

Giddio began her career, after completing her studies in 1986, as a fashion illustrator with Bergdorf Goodman for their weekly New York Times advertisement. Her art was meant to bring old world fashion into the present with a modern hand.
Giddio began the 1990's with the intention to further refine and simplify the classic fashion drawing she had initiated in the 80's. This process of simplification created a natural progression towards deconstruction and abstraction.

Her work id drawn mostly from memory. Being Created with Sumi ink, watercolours and Pantone film makes Her illustrations very organic and intuitive, evolving with each new season.Her work is very abstract, utilizing overlapping colour blocks, ink blots and sharp lines to create a recognisable silhouette.

Giddio has produced art for Tiffany and co.,Harper's Bazaar, Cartier, Apple, Swarovski and Alexander Mcqueen.

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