Tuesday, June 9, 2009

MIRANDA: Fashion Illustrator Cassandra Rhodin

Cassandra Rhodin

Cassandra Rhodin is a Swedish artist and is very hard to find information about on the internet, though I really liked her illustrations and wanted to show you guys.

She draws her heavily lined ladies with overly long limbs, who look powerful and pretty. Cassandra uses ink and watercolour in her drawings as well which I really like.

Cassandra’s illustrations are ultra stylish which makes them perfect for fashion campaigns. She also designs graphic tees and has worked with a few with clients like H&M, Nylon, Urban Outfitters and ELLE, she also has a kids fashion line called Mini Rodini.

Her enigmatic black-and-white drawings and watercolour illustrations seem to have a 1920’s influence with a twist of gloom; they also seem to give a black and white movie vibe.

Cassandra Rhodin’s work is very distinctive and moody, and there is a very nice commercial quality to her work.

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  1. Wow! Cassandra Rhodin's illustrations are fantastic! Thanx for sharing Miranda