Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Catherine Martin Costume Design - Christopher

Costume - Production - Set Designer.
Film Producer.

Catherine Martin attended North Sydney Girls High School followed by completing a diploma at the National Institute of Dramatic Arts. During her time at the institute (haha) she developed a strong professional relationship with Baz Luhrmann which later turned into a romantic relationship and soon into a marriage.

This relationship gave Martin ample opportunity to get her designs out there in the public eye. Working alongside Luhrmann boosted both careers to superstar levels.  In 1993 Martin and Luhrmann both made their feature debut with the production and design of the film Strictly Ballroom. For Martins Costume design and Production Design she won two Australian Film Institute Awards. She received an oscar nomination for her work on Baz Luhrmann film "William Shakespeare's : Romeo & Juliet" (1993) but it wasn't until she worked on the movie "Moulin Rouge!" (2001) that she was excelled into her superstar level. For her work she received a total of 9 awards in all various categories for film costume design, production design and art direction. Since Martin's professional and personal life has been flourishing. 

She has most recently worked on the set of Baz Luhrmanns film "Australia".

Catherine Martin on the set of "Australia"

Costume Design by Catherine Martin

Catherine Martin

Romeo & Juliet Costume Design

Moulin Rouge! Costume Design


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