Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Oriel - Chairs by Tom Dixon

Tom Dixon -         “S” Chair
Product Description:     Occasional or dining chair

Materials: Steel and Various

Dimensions: H: 1400mm, Dia: 600mm

Tom Dixon’s love of motorbikes directed his path into the world of furniture design.  A couple of serious bike accidents had forced him to drop out of art school and then discontinue as a musician, (bass guitar for a disco band).  His unrelenting interest in motorbikes required him to learn the skill of welding, which he learnt from a friend in one quick lesson.

"I was immediately hooked on welding...mesmerised by the tiny pool of molten metal, viewed from the safety of darkened goggles. Allowing an instant fusion of one piece of steel to another. It had none of the seriousness of craft and none of the pomposity of design: it was industry.

It suited my impatience perfectly...giving me the opportunity to build, destroy, adjust and remake structures instantly.”

At the time London was full of scrap metal yards, due to the eighties boom, giving a ready availability of material waiting to be transformed.

Tom’s reputation grew and caught the attention of Italian furniture design company, Cappellini, whose support provided the manufacturing capability and vision of Dixon, and several other burgeoning designers.

The "S" chair made Tom Dixon's name, evolving from early prototypes in his Creative Salvage days. It was initially woven with recycled rubber inner tubes, and then covered in rush, a material traditionally used for drop in seats. Cappellini were attracted by its sculptural form and amazing legless structure of bent steel frame. Launched by Cappellini with a vibrant felt upholstered covering in 1989, the "S" chair quickly reached iconic like status and now has a permanent place in the Museum of Modern Art, New York.



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