Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Todd Thomas is a New York-based designer, born in 1961 in Murphysboro, Illinois, Thomas grew up in a rural environment where his family's creative resourcefulness as a consequence of necessity made a big impression on him.

With Thomas's  technical skills he went to work in the moderate world of Seventh Avenue manufacturer-designers, soaking up every aspect of sample making, cutting, pattern making, sourcing and production.  The technical side of his craft, essential in his work and moneymaking endeavors, was indelibly strengthened there.

  Among his favorite freelance design jobs have been costume designs for films, including Rebecca Miller’s Angela (1995) and Cindy Sherman’s Office Killer (1997), which he found hugely rewarding.  Some of his more recent collaborative work includes costume designs for highly televised fashion shows such as Victoria Secret.

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