Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Ball Chair/Blow Chair

The two Chair designs that i liked the most was, The ball chair and the Blow Chair.
Ball Chair-- Designed by  Eero Arnio. 1962.
This chair was designed by using a geometric form, The Ball. This chair is suited for comfort inside a ball. It protects outside noises so this is the place to have a phone call in. Soooooo awesome i love it. I want one!! =] These chairs are so stylish and should be used at tafe =]
Eero Aernio is the designer of this stylish chair. He has many other amazing chair designs, such as the Bubble Chair, Pony Chair, Tomato Chair, Mushroom Chair, Pastil Chair and many others. I also particuly like the bubble chair. This chair is a remake of his Ball chair. He wanted to contract more light into the ball chair so he came up 
with a see through design (bubble chair). This chair is suspe
nded from above.
 A bit of history on Aarnio. Born 1932. 
He studied at the instit
ute of Industrial arts in Helsinki and started his own office in 1962, the same year he came up with the B
all Chair.  He has no replaced 
fibreglass as a material (for his designs) with safer types of plastic. He is no
w designing toys and furniture
 for kids. 


Blow Chair- D'urbino, Lomazzi and De Pas. 1967.
This chair is the first mass produced inflatable chair. This chair was more of  youth culture chair.
 . Whenever i think of 60's i think of the blow up chair. It's awesome i just want to jump on it!! The colours that this chair comes in are, yellow, red and clear. I think i'd go with the yellow, giving it a
 positive funky look. The good thing about this chair is that it can be used inside or out. (Except on hot sunny days where it could possible pop and over heat) This chair is Manufactured by Zanotta. The chair was cheap and seemed like it wouldn't last long so it came with it's own repair kit. Patches anyone? 

Some of his other designs are here;


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