Tuesday, May 26, 2009

photographers n illustrators - Eddy

Bob Mackie is an American fashion designer that is well known for his work in Cher, Tina Turner and mitzi gaynor he also designed costumes for the carol burnett show during its 11 year run his 2 most remembered designs were a curtain dress worn in the carol burnett show by carol burnett in the went with the wind parody and also a garnished ensemble worn by Cher at the march 1986 academy awards which was made of black stretched pants, a bejeweled loin cloth, knee high boots,  black chain link top and a huge feathers mohawk headdress that was 1 and a half times taller then her head . Mackie was often called the sultan of sequins or the rajah of rhinestones , known for his sparkling and imaginative costume designs he has won seven Emmy awards for his designs and was thrice nominated for a academy award. he attend pasadena city college ad chouinard art institute

Richard Avedon was a photographer that was interested in capturing portraits that capture personality and soul of his subjects. as he became a well known photographer he brought many famous faces into his studio and used a large format to photograph them using a large 8X10 format these portraits are easily noticed by there minimalist styles were the person is looking squarely at the camera and is posted in 
front of a sheer white background . at times richard would provoke reactions by asking them psychologically probing questions and guiding them into uncomfortable areas when doing this he would get faces not usually seen by others richard was drawn to work with people such as oil field workers and miners still in there work clothes teenagers growing up and unemployed drifters as well one of his first exhibitions on americas west was criticized for showing what was considered to be a disparaging view of america .

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