Tuesday, May 5, 2009

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The Wiggle Chair by Frank Ghery

         This Frank Gehry furniture design is made of intricate layers of cardboard and by one of society's most important architects. The Wiggle chair and the Side chair are single fluid shapes contoured to make a masterpiece.
  •   Frank Gehry is one of today's most important architects,  he likes to use unusual materials for his architecture and furniture 
  • Although it appears simple, the Wiggle chair is constructed with care as well as being very robust and stable.  The Wiggle Chair is tested to hold thousands of pounds!  The texture is soft almost like suede!  It is a  signature piece and it is made by Vitra.

  • Materials
60 layer of corrugated cardboard held together by hidden screws and fibreboard edging, edges made of hardboard, natural or lacquered.

  • Options   
 Natural or edges painted white

Gehry was born Frank Goldberg in Toronto, Canada, in 1929. Frank Gehry moved to Los Angeles at an early age and completed his architectural education at the University of Southern California. Frank Gehry subsequently worked for Wdton Becket & Associates (1957-1968) and Victor Gruen (1968-1961) in Los Angeles, as well as for Andre Remondet in Paris (1961). In 1962, Frank Gehry founded his own firm, and embarked on the design of a large variety of residential [Hillcrest Apartments (1962), Bixby Green (1969)], commercial [Kay Jewelers Stores (1963-1965), Joseph Magnin Stores (1968)], office [Rouse Company Headquarters (1974)], and institutional projects.

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