Tuesday, May 26, 2009

photographer and illustrator

mario testino photographer born 1954 in lima peru

   The eldest of seven children mario was born to an italian father and an irish mother testino attended several universities  in 1976 testino moved permanently to london. he has shot for vogue, v, gucci and vanity fair he has photographed many celebrities such as diana princess of wales and her son's and many actresses like kim basinger, cameron dias gwyneth julia roberts and performers like janet jackson and modona  

  jordi labanda  illustrator 

jordi was born in mercedes graguay and has lived in barcelona from the age of 3. he studied design industry and begun work as a commercial illustrator in 1993 he worked for many articales such as new york times vogue us, vogue Italy  and some major corporations like american express pepsi manga films, target    

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