Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Furniture Design - Christopher

TOM DIXON: THE S CHAIR - This design gave Tom Dixon a name in the furniture design world and further prototypes of his began to be accepted and taken seriously.
The S chair was initially woven with rubber inner tubes and covered with a material called
rush, that was used in drop in seats. It now is made of a metal frame covered in woven marsh
 straw, wicker and a range of fabrics and leathers and has become iconic in the world of furniture design.

So, the S chair...

Tom Dixon as a designer believe he lived in a culturally dead part of England where youth and visionaries ideas had nothing to cater for them, until he met Italian design producer Cappellini. Other designs that Tom Dixon has made popular are:

The Tub Chair

The Bird
and The Hoop

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GERRIT RIETVELD: RED BLUE CHAIR - 1918 brought on a new face of design, The Red Blue Chair affected not only the design world but the architectural world respectively. Although the primary colour scheme with added black was not in affect until 1923, the chair created became famous in the furniture design world.
Gerrit Reitveld designed the chair with the intention of mass production yet created something quite revolutionary in the process using his architecture and design skills the Red Blue Chair was created. 
The primary colour choice was used as influence from the 'De Stijl' movement - 

The Red Blue Chair

Rietveld was highly influenced Charles Mackintosh and Frank Lloyd Wright and became much more interested in the abstract world then rather than contemporary.
Other pieces of work by Gerrit Rietveld are -

The Zig Zag Chair

The Steltman Chair

and The Berlin Chair

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