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Cecil Beaton

Beaton was born on 14 January 1904 in Hampstead the son of Ernest Beaton, a prosperous timber merchant.When Beaton was growing up his nanny had a Kodak 3A Camera, a popular model which was renowned for being an ideal camera to learn on. Beaton's nanny began teaching him the basics of photography and developing them in his basement. He would often get his sisters and mother to sit for him to photograph. When he was sufficiently skilled, he would send the photos off to London society magazines, often writing under a pen name and ‘recommending’ the work of Beaton. 

Beaton went on to St John's College in Cambridge, and studied history, art and architecture. Beaton continued his photography, and through his university contacts managed to get a portrait sitting with the Duchess of Amalfi. It was this end image that gave Beaton his first ever piece of published work when Vogue magazine bought and printed the photos.

Beaton designed book jackets and costumes for charity, Beaton is best known for his fashion photographs and society portraits. Beaton often photographed the Royal Family for official publication. Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother was his favourite Royal sitter, and he once pocketed her scented hankie as a keepsake from a highly successful shoot.

during the second world war, he captured one of the most enduring images of British suffering during the war, that of three-year-old Blitz victim Eileen Dunne recovering in hospital, clutching her beloved teddy bear. When the image was published, America had not yet officially joined the war—but splashed across the press in the US, images such as Beaton’s helped push the American public to put pressure on their Government to help Britain in its hour of need.

Three year old bomb victim, Photographed by Cecil Beaton having immense power in america mainly.

Jason Brooks was born in London on February 23 1969. He grew up by the sea in Brighton, England, and began drawing and painting at an unusually young age receiving his first freelance commissions in his early teens.
Brooks studied Graphic Design at St Martin's College, where he began working regularly for British Vogue. While at St Martin's, he began travelling widely, drawing and painting colorful travel journals. Travel has been a recurrent theme in his work and his adventures continue to inspire him.

After a Master of Arts Degree in Illustration at the Royal College of Art, Brooks landed a series of assignments drawing at the Couture shows in Paris for The Independent Newspaper. Brooks' artwork has also provided the visual identity for record labels, most notably Hedkandi, who have achieved sales in excess of 5 million albums featuring his artwork. Brooks is now one of the worlds leading fashion illustrators. It is said he's success is also due to his acceptance of technology which in his field no one else was really utilizing. He continues to work all around the world for a huge range of cliental.

some of his Illustrations. 


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