Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Hayley: Fashion Designers

John Paul Gaultier

John Paul Gaultier never received formal training as a designer. He was discovered and employed by Pierre Cardin at the age of 18. After gaining the hands-on experience he began to make his own womenswear line. He was producing ready-to-wear fashion for many years. His first couture line didn't not come out until 1997.

Known for the imaginative and technical prowess of his fantastic designs and as one of the industries master tailors, he concentrated on tuxedos, trench coats and leathers. His style embraces equestrian, military and royal themes. Labelled early on as enfant terrible, the bad boy of the fashion industry, Gaultier's designs were gender bending with deconstructed aesthetics. Many of his designs were risque-like Madonna's cone-shaped bra, designed in 1996.

Gaultier causes shock by using unconventional models in his shows, like older men and full-figured women, pierced and heavily tattooed models, and by playing with traditional gender roles.

He currently designs for three collections: his own couture and ready-to -wear lines, as well as the newly relaunched clothing line for Hermes, a french leather goods company well-known for their equestrian background, scarves and expensive bags.

Gaultier has designed costumes for Marilyn Manson, singer, Mylene Farmer and for films such as "The Fifth Element" and "The City of Lost Children".

He has also created a successful fragrance line, packaged in his signature torso bottles.

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Easton Pearson

Pamela Easton and Lydia Pearson were the friends who formed the Easton Pearson Brisbane based fashion house in 1989 with the goal to create clothes with soul. The designs are created for women who are interested in art as much as they are interested in fashion. They concentrate on visual plays and details. Easton Pearson don't completely avoid trends but interpret then in different ways. The sensuality of the fabric against the skin is very important to their designs.

Only using natural fibers is essential to their working method. The fabric they use is sourced from India where they work extensively with the textile artisan to create their own fabric designs before bring it back to Brisbane to manufacture the garment. They have been working with this group of artisans for about 15 years so they have been able to develop a good relationship with them, enabling a more accurate production of their own textile designs. Easton Pearson rarely work with pre-existing fabrics and more often than not, have a garment in mind when sourcing the fabric.

Their designs are the result of an eclectic marrying of influences, from their passion for vintage and traditional textiles, to their love of old movies and characters from books. The rich, romantic clothes feature beautiful handcrafted, embroidered, beaded, appliqued and sequined fabrics.

Easton Pearson have expanded their design field by recently releasing their designer rug collection in early 2009.

The Easton Pearson fashion house are one of Australia's most successful brands.

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