Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Rachael- fashion designers

Was interested by design from a young age. Influenced by her grandmother who was a tailoress, she began making dolls clothes at the age of 4 by age 10 she had her own sewing machine making clothes for herself and sisters by cutting out patterns from newspaper. Later attending the Sydney Technical College finishing in 1981 doing a year of work experience that she absoluted hated she left. So virtually straight out of college she started selling her own clothes at Paddington markets in Sydney, which created a lot of retail and media attention which was created free advertising and helped give her the cofidence to start her own label of the Lisa Ho Brand.

In producing Lisa Ho's clothes she is says she is influenced by all her surroundings whether it be music, TV, media or even other people.

Grew up on the East side of London completing a law degree at university straight out of secondary school. After finishing his degree he travelled, which inspired him and drew out a further love of fashion making him abandon his qualifications and move to Australia 1985. Wayne Cooper worked in a Mason's clothing store while training East Sydney Technical College. He soon made friends and soon made a partnership of 7 years before breaking away to created his own brand "BRAVE." This where his inspiration of rock'n'roll-fun, spirited, cheeky, irrerent. Having some of the most daring to the most strictly tailored shown throughout his line of fashion designs. By 1996 the launch of "WAYNE COOPER" label. The Wayne Cooper Label replaced brave until 2002 when Wayne Cooper decided that the Wayne Cooper Label was merely a more matured label and brought back Brave to be a more playful and sexy label. Both labels more than 200 styles and showcases of innovative and exclusive  fabric ranging from silk to jersy to wool to cotton. Through need for perfect people say he is the man that has an "incredible sense of what's coming next,"  this is most possibly true as he raised to the top of Australian's design market within 5 years, making him one of the most fast moving fashion designers within the industry and has stared for the past 10 years at Mercedes Australian Fashion Week, shocking and creating more media reactaion than the time before for is gorgeous new and innovatve styles. With his lines usually been inspired by people within society he truly is seen as a man among boys.

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