Tuesday, May 19, 2009

hugo boss covers a huge range of fashion such a fragrance clothing watches golf clubs mens wear women's wear sporting gear shoes acceserares  his titles all have "boss" like boss green boss black his brand was split in to three and is available in 105 countries and over 5000 stores boss has strong support to the sporting industry he has fashion shows all over the world such as france new york italy uk. 

katie pye is a brisbane fashion designer she mainly works in women's clothing design her unique clothing is for women how like dressing up or any accession her work is an expression of her clothing inspired by her mothers legacy and a sewing machine on her 8th birthday she explored many areas in the fine arts she's created an inter range for clothing loved by many women.www.katiepye.com group.hugoboss.comwww.wikipedia.org www.google.com

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