Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Oriel - Fashion Photographer - Horst

(Lucien Lelong, Bijoux Boucheron, 1937)
HORST BOHRMANN (1906 - 1991)
Horst's contribution to Fashion Photography has been one of the most influential and long-lasting of the Twentieth Century.  Between 1931 and 1991, a career spanning 60 years, Horst became legendary for his images of elegance, style and rarified glamour.

(Mademoiselle Zelinsky modelling a Lucien Lelong dress for French Vogue, 1937)
Horst especially used light and shadow to create mystery and atmosphere of the garment he was shooting.
His breakthough came in the December 1931 issue of French Vogue, and soon after (March 1932) in British Vogue.
Horst continued working with Vogue through the 40s, 50s & 60s.  
(The Gibson Girls, Vogue, 1948)

The 70s remains the decade that good, timeless style overlooked, and work for Horst was sparse.  However, Horst's rediscovery by a new group of 1980s style-seeking enthusiasts resulted in increasing commissions.
(Chanel Beauty, 1987)
(Round the Clock I, 1987)

His career may have reached Old Master status when the world's most famous pop goddess, Madonna, created her single Vogue in celebration of the classic fashion photographer.  In the video she posed as a recreation of Horst's most iconic fashion image, a model seen from behind, wearing a partially tied, back-laced corset made by Detolle. 
(Mainbocher Corset, September issue Vogue 1939).

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