Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Chairs - Eddy

Gerrit T .  Rietveld zig zag chair using only 4 elements joined with a system of dovetailing , this chair looks quiet complex but actually it isn't . This chair was designed in 1934 and is a expression of  "De stijl" movement which is included in permanent collections of the museum of modern art . made of natural cherry this zig zag chair can be used as both a chair or side table . Cassina is the licensed and authorized manufacturer of Gerrit rietveld designs world wide each of his work is numbered with a engraved signature 

Wiggle chair by Frank Gehry
Frank O Gehry was the designer of the wiggle chair and was born in toronto 1929 and is one of the most significant architects, best known for his now iconic guggenheim museum . in 1961 he established his own practice in LA and designed a series of corrugated cardboard furniture in which the Wiggle chair was a part of . he designed these cardboard chairs buy glueing layers of corrugated cardboard together that ran in alternate directions they were strong noise reducing and environmentally sustainable as well as highly sculptural 

the main manufacturer of these style of chairs these days are Vitra which have been doing this since 1986 . In the 1970's he began to receive world wide recognition  for his work and architecture and has remained one of the most acclaimed architects of his generation some links are www.bonluxat.com/a/Gerrit_T._Rietveld_Zig_Zag.html

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